100 questions asked. 100 questions answered.

Back in June, I started Just Ask Gill. As a kind of sharing of experiences gathered through the years but also as an open way of doing what I was doing offline in the real world anyway. And also to try something new as I was getting a little jaded in my blogging exploits (since rectified, I hope). And 100 questions have been asked. Wowsers. I didn’t expect that. Yes,a little prodding and promoting on Twitter helped but 100! Crikey. Some silly ones too but that’s perfectly acceptable in my world. I shall stop yakking on about it now. I’ll leave the Ask function open if you want to ask anything. But I’ll let it collect a bit of digital tumbleweed as I have a few other thoughts mulling around. So thank you for asking. I hope you enjoyed it. In the meantime, here’s a selection of my favourite questions that (mainly) pertain to the original mission to save you trawling through the lot:

Do you prefer flying solo or managing a team?

In the context of account planning, how do you define strategy?

I truly hate my job, what should I do?

Why are there so many levels in account management? Do I have to keep moving up the ladder?

If you are a young planner with little/no L&D structure in your agency, what should you do?

What makes a good leader?

Who or what inspires you and why?

What do you think makes a good account manager/director in an agency?

Through a mind-bending set of circumstances a medium sized purple sparkly strap-on dildo has become locked in the middle drawer of my client services director’s pedestal. She has been on holiday for two weeks and is back on Monday. Could you advise me on the suitable reaction when confronted with the inevitable questioning?

Rowley’s has been closed down. Where’s John?

What is your definition of a creative team within an agency?